Core Cutting in UAE

August 7, 2019
Demolition Service in Abu Dhabi
August 20, 2019

SunShine Rental Tools Provides concrete coring and cutting service in UAE.
Sunshine is a Concrete Coring Company basically. We do all types of Coring and Cutting jobs in any size and gauge depending upon the requirement of the client.

We do Concrete Coring, Stitch Coring by coring Machines, Wall Cutting by Wall saw Machines both electric Machines, easy to use without any help of help of crane or fixing team, easy to fix and use by single person and easy to shift both internally and external of the construction site.

We Provide concrete coring and cutting service in Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE.

We have professional and qualified experts in fields of Core Cutting. Our Service charges are very reasonable. Our priority is providing safe services to our clients.

We also provide Demolition Service in Abu Dhab , Rent Equipment in Abu Dhabi, Petrol Repairing Items in Abu Dhabi and Diesel Repairing Items in Abu Dhabi.

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