Rent Equipment in Abu Dhabi

Demolition Service in Abu Dhabi
August 20, 2019
Petrol Repairing Items in Abu Dhabi
August 29, 2019

Rent Equipment in Abu Dhabi in economical price. Sun Shine Rental is offering equipment for rent in Abu Dhabi. We are providing for rent:-
1. Roller Compacter
2. Concrete / Asphalt Cutter
3. Generators(5 Kv to 300 Kv )
4. Tile Polishing Machine
5. Concrete Mixture
6. Plate Compactors
7. Vibrators
8. Welding Machine
9. Power Trowels
10. Interlock Cutters
11. Steel Cutters
12. Scaffolding
13. Electrical Jack Hammers
14. pneumatic/ Air Jack Hammers
15. Water Pumps
16. Core Drilling Machines
17. Grinders & Blowers
18. Drilling Machines
19. Painting Compressors
20. Welding Generators
21. Air Compressor
22. Ply Cutters
23. ETC


We also provide Core Cutting in UAE, Demolition Service in Abu Dhabi, Petrol Repairing Items in Abu Dhabi and Diesel Repairing Items in Abu Dhabi.

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