Quality of work, Quality of service offered by us is characterized by Reliability, Accountability and Cost Effectiveness.

Wall Saw cutting

 β€œIt is used to cut huge chunks of concrete. The machinery used in this method is a cable studded with diamonds.”


Duct cutting

β€œWe do all types of Coring jobs in any size and gauge depending upon the requirement of the client.β€œ

concrete scanning

Concrete Scanning

We have Professional and Qualified experts in the fields of 3D-GPRS Concrete Scanning. Our Priority is to provide safe service to our Clients.

Petrol Repair

The petroleum service, supply and manufacturing sector consists of businesses that provide the specialized equipment and skills needed for drilling, testing, producing, maintaining and reclaiming crude oil and natural gas wells.

Rental Equipment

Sunshine leads in Construction Equipment Rental market in Abu Dhabi Dubai All over the UAE. Plant Hire & Rental & Construction Equipment & Earth moving Equipment Hire.

Core Cutting

We have Professional and Qualified experts in fields of Coring cutting. Our Service charges are very reasonable. Our Priority is providing safe services to our clients.